Elvanto is an online church management system that gives you back the power with your church database. It’s easy to use and jam packed with powerful features.

Our software is 100% cloud based, so your database can be accessed from any computer device with Internet support.

Who’s using Elvanto?

We have churches in over 23 countries using our system, from church plants with teams of 5 all the way up to churches with 10,000 in attendance. Read customer stories.

Our Vision for the Future of ChMS

Our aim is to create powerful and easy to use software to help you do ministry well. Read up on our recent software releases, and see what’s coming up in V2.

Why choose Elvanto?

In a world where the are hundreds of options when it comes to a church management system, it can be extremely hard to find one that suits your church. Our team is dedicated to make continual updates to the software every month. We also have servers located in Australia, the United States and Europe to ensure that the privacy of your data is always secure and safe.

Our Name

Elvanto doesn't mean anything, it’s just a name we thought sounded cool

(El • vahn • toe)

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