About Us

Our Story

It all started in 2005 when founder Ben Sinclair worked to create a volunteer scheduling tool in his local church...

After a few years, Ben could see there were a number of church management solutions on the market, but they weren't fulfilling the needs of many churches. He realized that there was a need for good church software which is why, in June 2010, Ben founded Elvanto.

From small beginnings, the team has continued to grow and expand. Now, thousands of churches around the world rely on Elvanto for their church management software needs.


Elvanto founded as a volunteer scheduling tool


Elvanto converts to church management software


Elvanto becomes multilingual


API released


Version 2 and mobile app released


Hundreds of updates and improvements

2021 and beyond

The sky is the limit!

Our Name

Incase you were wondering, Elvanto doesn't mean anything! It’s a name we thought sounded cool.

(El • vahn • toe)

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