We will over deliver when we can, providing our customers with more than their money's worth.

We believe in giving back to churches and we will work hard to provide free resources, advice, and support to your team. We strive to be as helpful as possible.


We not only listen to our customers but we innovate and come up with fresh ideas.

We are a dynamic team and strive to continue to improve our software to further help our customers.


We're dedicated to creating and maintaining a friendly, relaxed work environment. We will celebrate one another and our achievements.

If we’re not having fun, we're doing something wrong.


We will take responsibility for our mistakes and will do what we can to rectify them. We will represent ourselves and our intentions honestly to our team mates and to our customers.

Our goal is to be as open and honest as possible, without causing any harm. We will be ourselves, even if that means being occasionally silly and a little less than perfect.


We will avoid the assumption that existing norms are the right path. We choose to create our own products and build our company in a way that challenges stereotypes and pre-existing best practices.

We try to be the exception to the rule. We choose to create a better way.

Our Call

  • Provide new church plants with use of Elvanto for their first 12 months
  • Support orphans and widows around the globe
  • Assist churches build and own their own buildings
  • Help fund bible colleges and missionaries in developing countries
  • Build orphanages so children can have a home
  • Support missionaries around the world so that they can pursue their calling

We believe this is the call God has given us here at Elvanto. It’s so much bigger than software.

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