Onboarding Service

Learning a new software can seem daunting. When you also have a team of volunteers that will need to learn the software, it can be a challenge, especially for those who may be time poor.

Onboarding can assist you and your team to quickly and effectively kick-start your Elvanto account. Your dedicated Onboarding Specialist will assist you in making sure your account is set up right the first time, along with providing video training to help you and your team understand the software in the early usage journey with Elvanto.

Key Details

Price: A$2,000.00 (A$600.00 deposit followed by 11 monthly repayments of A$127.27)
Timeframe: 90 Days
Setting: Remote
Level: All Levels

All prices are in Australian Dollars.

What's Included

  • An assigned Onboarding Specialist for the first 90 days from the start of your Elvanto subscription
  • Your Onboarding Specialist shall provide:
    • Assistance with the technical setup associated with your Elvanto account
    • Assistance with importing from your current database
    • Training for your key team and users
  • You will also receive on-going access to resources including:
    • The Elvanto Support Team
    • Documentation

What is the difference between your free customer support & Onboarding Service?

Every customer with Elvanto has free and unlimited customer support. Our team are here to help you if you have any problems or hit any hurdles during the setup process. We do provide you with a step-by-step guide in setting up your account, and for a lot of churches this may be enough to get them started.

However, you may not have the time, are feeling overwhelmed at learning a new software platform or would prefer to have someone else do all the transferring of data and provide training to your team, that's when our Onboarding Service is right for you!

How to ensure long term success with Elvanto?

Our Onboarding Service is here to help you get set up right and to train your key users in the use of Elvanto. However, to ensure long term success after the Onboarding Service is complete, we encourage every church to have someone called an 'Elvanto Champion'.

An 'Elvanto Champion' is not necessarily the pastor, it’s the go-to person in your church who understands Elvanto. This person does not need to be technical, they just need to be available, good with people and attend all our training sessions.

Our customer support team and documentation is here to assist anyone in your church. The benefit of having an 'Elvanto Champion' is so that someone like "Aunty Joyce" who has a question about logging in to her account, has someone that can help her in-house. Additionally, having someone who knows the structure of your account will ensure long term success as your church grows in its use of Elvanto.

What does the Onboarding Service involve?

There is a 7 step process involved when it comes to our Onboarding Service.

Step 1 - Discovery Call

This call is the first step in a series of video calls during Onboarding. This first call is all about discovering how your current church management and database system has worked and analyse what was working for you and what wasn’t and prepare you with some helpful guides and templates to assist you in the exporting of your data.

Step 2 - Data Collection

Before you can start using your Elvanto account, you first need to export your current church data out of your existing ChMS. As a church, we require you to do the export, clean up the records (eg. remove anything you don’t want to be transferred) and provide it to us in a CSV format (spreadsheet) ready for review.

These may include an export file of the following:

  • People data and notes
  • Group data and attendance
  • Service attendance
  • Financial data and reports

With guidance from your Onboarding Specialist, we will determine what data information should and shouldn't be transferred into Elvanto. Which brings us to the next step - your data review call.

Step 3 - Data Review

Once you’ve exported your files and sent it through to us, we will book in a Data Review Call. During this call, we will discuss the data contained within the files, clarify what you're wanting to do with the data, and ensure that the data provided can actually be imported into Elvanto in a usable format.

Step 4 - Importing

Once we understand how you need your data to work in your account, an Elvanto Technician will review the files and provide feedback on what might need to be changed so that the file is ready to imported into your Elvanto account.

This will involve creating:

  • Groups
  • Departments
  • Demographics
  • Any other information based on the information we gathered from you

Prior to any import we will clarify anything outstanding and then when we have all the information we need, the import begins.

Step 5 - Account Set Up

Account set up is broken down into 3 video calls. We allow at least an hour for each call due to the amount needing the be covered.

The people you want to have in these calls are the main administrators that will be using the software on a regular basis (and someone who you will call your 'Elvanto Champion')

  • Call 1 - People and settings
  • Call 2 - Groups, services and more settings
  • Call 3 - Pastoral care and final review

Step 6 - Training

Training is broken down into 3 sessions. We allow at least an hour for each session.

The people you want to have in these calls are the key team who will be helping drive Elvanto at your church including your 'Elvanto Champion.

Session 1
A general walk-through of the software highlighting key features. The aim of this session is to encourage your team to go away and start using the software and write down any questions for the next session.

Session 2
A Q&A session along with the ability to focus in on any specific areas within Elvanto. The aim of this session is to help your team feel more confident about using Elvanto.

Session 3
By this point your team will have a good understanding of the software. For this session we recommend focusing on a particular department. A good example would be training your children and youth leaders on how to effectively setup and use the child check-in system.

Once training is complete, your key users should be in and using the software confidently before releasing it to your church.

Step 7 - Release To Your Church

Now that your key team are trained up, you can release Elvanto to your church. Our Onboarding Specialist can send you guides and resources and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

What to expect after the Onboarding Service is complete

After the 90 days has been completed, you should expect to have:

  • Your account fully set up
  • Data imported
  • Your key users trained
  • Elvanto released to your church

Your Onboarding Specialist will book in a time within 3 months of your Onboarding Service being complete to touch base and review how everything has been progressing.

Can Elvanto export and clean up my data records for me?

Yes, if you would prefer Elvanto's team to help you with exporting or cleaning up your data, we can for an additional fee. Every church is different so we can do as little or as much as you need assistance with. For more information about this service please see our Data Migration page.

Ready to get started with Elvanto's Onboarding Service?

We’re so excited to walk through this exciting journey with you, so well done for taking your first step into effective church management.

As part of contacting us, you may share with us personal information, including sensitive information. We only use that information for providing the Elvanto services requested. If you don’t provide this information, we may not be able to provide those services. We will not disclose your personal information to anyone else without your consent. For more information, see our detailed collection notice and the Elvanto privacy policy.