We Are All About Children’s Ministry

We have a range of tools to help make it easy for your children’s team to be effective in leading the next generation.

Key Features

Child Check-in

Check children into services

Access Control

Limit who can view children and their information

Attendance Tracking

Track which children have been attending services

Contact Parents

Link families to find and contact parents

Robust Reporting

Generate reports for parents and children

Privacy & Child Safety

Elvanto has a huge range of safety features built-in.

You can restrict who can view children or limit specific child information.
Use security codes to ensure children are collected by the correct person at the end of a service.

Child Check-in System

Simple To Use

Send parents an SMS message during a service and view which room children are checked in to.

Label Printing

Print child and parent labels. Display important information about issues like allergies!

Multiple Check-in Rooms

Check children into the correct room for their age. Limit capacities to ensure you have enough leaders to handle the amount of children.

Self Check-in for Parents

Allow parents to check their children in with ease on a computer, tablet or kiosk. Check-in using a phone number, last name or barcode.

Label Print Stations

Set up print stations to have multiple devices to share a printer. This saves you time and money, and allows for devices unable to attach printers.

Link Families and Contact Parents

Easily link families within Elvanto and mark them as parents and children.

Elvanto allows you to find parents to view or contact.

Robust Reporting

Create Custom Reports

Create custom reports to find parents and children.

Built-in Reports

We have a range of reports to help get the information you need.

Share & Export Reports

Share your reports with your children's team, and export into different formats.

Children's Ministry Guide

We care that your children's ministry is set up right and that you use our software to its full potential.

That's why we created a Children's Ministry Guide to help you get set up right.

Need More Features?

We have a huge range of features for all areas of church life!

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