Where it all began

Elvanto was officially founded in early 2010, but it all started a few years prior when Ben created a rostering system for his local church.

There were a number of databases on the market at the time, but it seemed that many churches had needs that weren’t being met by their current church management system.

From small beginnings, our team has continued to grow and expand as we continue work on improving our product. Now, thousands of churches around the world rely on Elvanto for their church management software needs.

We've helped new church plants get off the ground, all the way to churches with thousands in attendance.

Our Name

(El • vahn • toe)

Why the name?

Elvanto doesn't mean anything, it’s just a name we thought sounded cool

Our Heart

The mission behind Elvanto is to invest finances and resources to bless others, particularly those less fortunate than us.

We believe in living for a cause greater than ourselves. Our heart pours out to...

  • Help new church plants
  • Support orphans and widows around the globe
  • Assist churches build their own grounds
  • Help fund bible colleges and missionaries in developing countries
  • Build orphanages so children can have a home
  • To support missionaries around the world so that they can pursue their calling

We believe this is the call God has given us here at Elvanto. It’s so much bigger than a church database, which is why we give a portion of everything made through sales to assist in these areas.

Our Team

Our team of experts working to make Elvanto better every day!

Ben - CEO & Founder

Known for breaking out into song at inappropriate times
Although he’s the boss, still gets the job of watering the plants in the office

Jenn - Office Manager

Loves outdoor adventures
Constantly snacking away after 10am in the office!

Hannah - Communications & Customer Support

Office DJ
Speaks really, really fast!

Aaron - UX

Resident bespectacled musician
Needs at least 4 shots of coffee per day to be able to function normally!

Stewart - Technical Support

The new guy, here to help with anything he can
Can often be found searching for these plants Ben is meant to be watering!

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