Our Roadmap

Feature requests come through daily from customers suggesting ways we can improve Elvanto, so as you can imagine there are literally hundreds sometimes thousands of requests in the system! This quickly creates a backlog!

Still, all feedback is valuable and every request is reviewed.

This roadmap provides insight on how we prioritize feature requests and how we do releases. It also highlights some of the bigger features that are on our radar.

How We Prioritize Updates

One of the challenges we face often is what to work on next? What's most important?

At Elvanto we use the Scrum methodology in our software development. Every 2 weeks we review our backlog and plan out what features, fixes and improvements we will work on in the next 2 weeks.

It's not a case of first come, first served. Decisions are always well thought out and we attempt to make decisions based on real-time feedback. We prioritize in a way that ensures our customers get the best value out of our product.

This means we are constantly reviewing our backlog priorities every 2 weeks to ensures we are still focussed on the best solutions for our customers.

Where it gets difficult is trying to put a time frame to the completion and release date of certain features. Once we've started work on a feature, we can give an estimate but nothing is set in stone! We promise to do our best and work as quickly through the higher priority updates first.

We believe that by listening to our valued customers, we will continue to meet and exceed expectations delivering the most important features and providing the highest value to our customers!

How Often Do We Release Updates

Rather than working for months at a time and making one huge release, we prefer small releases. This means almost every working day we deploy some sort of feature, fix or improvement to Elvanto.

Every month we write a blog post summing up those updates for our customers.

Features On Our Radar

As we mentioned earlier, we are constantly reprioritizing. However, here are some of the bigger updates on our radar so that customers can gauge where we are heading.

  • User interface updates to groups in Web App
  • Custom fields for groups so you can better filter
  • Group finder in the Member Area
  • User interface updates to services in Web App
  • Features, improvements and user interface updates in Mobile App
  • API version 2 with new endpoints
  • More event registration features and enhancements
  • Ability to save settings of existing reports for┬álater
  • Dashboard widgets
  • Volunteers can choose to be scheduled on with a specific person (e.g: husband & wife)
  • Check scanning
  • Better manage people via reports (e.g: contact and mass manage)
  • Overhaul check-in
  • Custom labels for check-in
  • Add new families from the self check-in
  • Overhaul reports
  • Overhaul people flows

What Next?

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