It is our desire to create the best church database system known to man, so we love getting feedback from customers who are flourishing with our software. Here’s what a few Churches are saying about Elvanto:

"Did I tell you than I love Elvanto? Cause it's true!"

Did I tell you that I love Elvanto? Cause it's true! I can't tell you how much I brag up Elvanto when chatting at church networking events.

I love that we're not supporting some random company that decided to get a piece of the 'church' action by changing a couple logos and tweaking a program that already exists. And I think that comes out best by your Compassion support.

Thank you. Not just for providing us with a service that really works, but for being a great example of someone using the gifts and talents that they've been given to do something with excellence. And you are!

Tim Roberts
Life! Church

"Our investment has been money well spent"

Brilliant! Our team have been searching for a cost-effective roster management system for some time and Elvanto has been a great solution.

Our volunteers love being able to manage their availability and it means that our departments no longer operate in ‘silos’ but can roster co-operatively with each other. This is particularly important to us as we have many volunteers who volunteer in more than one department and we would often encounter roster conflicts which meant that it was a ‘first in best dressed’ situation rather than a ‘whole of service’ approach to rostering.

Our worship leaders love having the ability to assign songs from the list that has been set up.

The most impressive thing about Elvanto is the level of customer support. Ben and his team always respond quickly and are very receptive to our suggestions for improvement. We couldn’t be happier with their support.

Our investment in Elvanto has been money well spent and we are seeing the benefits in every service we run.

Tracey Moore
Lighthouse Church Central Coast

"It's so easy! Thank you!"

I have to say, I LOVE YOUR SITE. I have spent countless hours looking for a place that does all this, and makes it as easy as your site does. I can customize who sees what by department, set different levels of access for my team leaders and admins, choose specifically who I communicate with. It's SO EASY! THANK YOU!

Carol Rose
Access Church

"Must have for creative teams"

Elvanto is THE hub of our Creative Ministries administration and communication process. I love that these guys are always willing to listen to the specific needs of local congregations. I'm not sure there's anything quite like this in the market and I will be recommending it to other Pastors and creative teams as a MUST HAVE part of their ministry. Great Job!

Craig Hindman
Newlife Uniting Church

"Elvanto has been a big time saver for us"

If it's one thing I've learnt over the years, it's that good communication is a necessity in running a music team or any other team for that matter. Elvanto provides you with the tools to be able to keep your team up to date with the latest information without the need for multiple text messages, phone calls or photocopies. Elvanto has been a big time saver for us and is a MUST HAVE for all churches big and small.

Brad Sage
Highway Christian Church

"My team are so excited!"

I've been searching for a planning site that would offer full functionality at a reasonable cost for our worship ministry. As soon as I opened Elvanto, I was convinced that this was the site that would take our worship planning to the next level.

My team is so excited about having access to all our resources with just a click of a mouse. They love viewing the YouTube links, charts and the opportunity to plan their schedule online - and I love the fact that I spend much less time emailing schedules, setlists, and charts. I also use this on my iPhone and created an app so I can access it quickly! Way to go Ben!

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