Online Giving & Finance Tracking

Track Giving and Pledges

Record giving and pledges against individuals.

Online Giving Integrations

Integrate with online giving providers to accept giving online.

Give Online

Once you set-up your online giving integration, members can give online via their account.

Batch Transactions

Batch any collection of transactions made or grouped together in the system.

Giving Statements

Generate giving statements that can be emailed or accessed from a members account.

Categorised Giving

Organise giving into categories for easy tracking.

Members Can View Giving

Allow members to log in to their account and view their personal giving history.

Built-in Financial Reports

Generate reports on giving, pledges and view new givers at your church.

Share & Export Reports

Share reports with your finance team, and export into a variety of formats.

Tax Deductible Giving

Track all of your tax-deductible giving and print out receipts for everyone in a matter of seconds.

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