We Can Help With Financial Tracking

Track giving and pledges and connect with online giving providers to have a better grasp of giving in your church.

Key Features

Track Giving and Pledges

Record giving and pledges against individuals

Online Giving Integrations

Integrate with our online giving providers to accept giving online

Giving Statements

Generate statements to be sent to your members

Categorized Giving

Organise giving into categories for easy tracking

Dynamic Reporting

Generate financial reports with a couple of clicks

Online Giving Integrations

Elvanto integrates with a number of online giving providers

Your church members and guests are able to give online directly from any device, helping increase giving in your church.

Tools For Your Members

Give Online

Once you set-up your online giving integration, members can give online via their account.

View Giving

Share giving and pledges to your members so they can have a birds eye view.

Download Giving Statements

Generate giving statements that can be emailed or access from a members account.

Lock Down Access To Financial Data

Elvanto has powerful access permissions that enables you to limit access to financial data

Dynamic Reporting

Create Custom Reports

Generate financial reports at the click of a button.

Built-in Reports

We have built-in financial reports to quickly gain access to what you need.

Share & Export Reports

Share reports with your finace team, and export into a variety of formats.

Financial Guide

We care that you use our software to its full potential.

That's why we created a Financial Guide to help you get set up right.

Need More Features?

We have a huge range of features for all areas of church life!

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