We Have Worship Planning Covered

Running worship services and managing volunteers has never been easier.

Key Features

Run Sheets

Plan out each of your services with ease

Volunteer Scheduling

Schedule volunteers onto services

Song Database

Store your songs in a single database

Lyrics & Chords

Store lyrics and chords and transpose into different keys

Submit Unavailability

Volunteers can submit dates when they will be unavailable

Worship Planning Made Easy

Our simple drag and drop interface allows you to quickly create service plans that can then be shared with your team.

Scheduling volunteers on services is a breeze with our easy to use scheduling features. You can even edit multiple services at once!

Volunteer Management

Volunteer Login

Volunteers can log into their own account to view their roster, submit unavailability and update their details.

Volunteer Positions

Predefine your departments & positions and assign volunteers for easy scheduling.


Use our auto-scheduling tool to automatically schedule volunteers, saving you time.

Volunteer Teams

Create teams of volunteers who regularly serve together.

Mobile Companion App

Mobile app for volunteers to accept, decline and view their upcoming schedule.

Easy Volunteer Management

Elvanto takes care of tracking volunteer unavailabilities and conflicts to ensure rosters are correct. Volunteers can also set how often they are available to serve.

Song Database

SongSelect Integration

Our built-in SongSelect integration allows you to import songs, lyrics and chord charts directory from SongSelect.

Chord Chart Transposing

Enter your chord charts and we will automatically transpose into any key you'd like.

Upload Files & Media

Upload and share files and media for your team.

Worship Ministry Manual

We care that your worship ministry is set up correctly and utilize Elvanto to its full potential.

That's why we created a Worship Ministry Manual to help you set up right.

Need More Features?

We have a huge range of features for all areas of church life!

What Next?

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