Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care Made Easy

We have a range of clever tools for your pastoral care team.

Looking after people is so important. Elvanto empowers you with tools to reduce the number of gaps in your current ministry process. Spend more time effectively loving and caring for people your way.

People Flows

Create people flows to track the journey of individuals and families in your church.

Effective Follow-up

Track where people are at and when to follow them up using the power of people flows.

Form Builder

Create customized forms, embed on church website and keep people's information up-to-date.

People Groups

Group people together, set-up meeting times and send automated reminders to leaders to report on attendance.

Attendance Tracking

Record attendance and generate reports to see who has (or hasn't) been attending.

Private Notes

Record pastoral care notes against people. Mark them as private and limit access to specific people.


Link family members together for family related tracking & reports.

Email & SMS

Communicate with new people and members using email & SMS.

Custom Fields

Record custom information within people's profile and report on it.

Crisis Care

Communicate with approriate team members privately regarding sensitive issues.

Create Pastoral Reports

Enter your criteria and within seconds generate pastoral related reports.

Built-in Reports

Use our large range of built-in reports to keep check of everything.

Share & Export Reports

Share reports with your pastoral care team, and export into a variety of formats.

Drag-and-Drop Email Editor

Easily create visually stunning emails and save all of your email templates in one place.

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