Our children are the most important thing to us
Ensure they are securely and efficiently checked in to your church

Child Check-in for Churches Made Simple

Elvanto has an inbuilt child check-in system for churches, allowing you to safely and efficiently handle children across multiple rooms and locations. Send parents an SMS message to get their attention during a service, view which children are currently checked-in, and check them out at the end of a service.

Check children in by using scanned barcodes and print corresponding name labels. You can also print parent labels for identification upon pick up, and create custom information about issues like allergies!

Multiple Check-in Rooms

Check children into the rooms they fit under. Limit capacities on rooms to ensure you have enough leaders to handle the amount of children.

Self Check-in for Parents

Elvanto's self check-in feature allows parents to check-in their children with ease. Whether on a computer, tablet or kiosk, parents can check-in their children typing their phone number, last name or a scanned code.

If you are printing labels, you can set up print stations to have multiple devices to share a printer. This saves you time and money, and allows for devices unable to attach printers.

Adult Check-in Option

The check-in feature isn't limited to children. Opt to also check-in adults or volunteers into services the same way you would children, and print out reports to see who was checked in to a service.