Manage Your Groups

Groups can be customised for a number of functions. Categorise groups to allow for easily filtering, and assign leaders to groups. Elvanto also allows for restricted group access permissions, so leaders focus on their designated areas.

Record Group Attendance

If your groups meet on a regular basis, you can report on attendance and other custom fields. Elvanto's Groups allow you to generate attendance reports.

Private Notes

Like People, you and your team can write notes about groups and the people within them. Mark sensitive notes as private so only certain eyes can see them, and categorise your notes to filter only what is needed.

Group Event Calendars

Create an event for a group. Individuals in your groups can be invited and accept or decline the invitation.

Group Locator Map

Get a bird's eye view of every group in your church on our locator map. See what areas are lacking in groups, or find a group near a particular church member.

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