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All-in-one Solution

Elvanto provides a dynamic, all-in-one solution that's securely hosted on our servers. You can use your own domain name, manage your members and print the reports you need.

Ease of Use

We've had comments from teenagers all the way up to 80 year olds remarking how simple it is to use Elvanto. Our focus has always been to offer a system packed full of features but still easy to use.

Amazing Customer Service

Helpful and expert customer service from our team is always available; our goal is to make your experience as easy as possible. We offer help via phone, email, live chat and over social media.

Premium Onboarding

If you happen to need guided assistance throughout your setup and early usage journey with Elvanto, we have a dedicated Onboarding Service that is designed just for you and your team. Learn more.

Online Giving Integrations

Your church members and guests are able to give online directly from their mobile device or desktop computer. Check out our online giving partners and see who you can integrate with today.

All Your People in One Place

Use the power of People Categories to create custom fields and layouts for the different people in your church. We also provide the ability to link people to their demographics, making everything easier to find.

Manage Your Groups

Groups can be customized for a number of functions. Categorize groups to allow for easily filtering, and assign leaders to groups. Elvanto also allows for restricted group access permissions, so leaders focus on their designated areas.

Calendars & Events

Create multiple calendars for different types of events. With Elvanto Calendars, you can create repeating events and display services on the calendar. Elvanto supports Google Calendar, too, making it easy to view everything in one place.

Create Custom Reports

Enter your criteria and in moments generate reports with relevant results. Create comprehensive reports, a great tool if you need to submit a detailed report to a leader.

Service & Volunteer Planning

Worship planning is easy with Elvanto. Quickly create a detailed service plan for your team that can be viewed online or printed depending on your needs. Assign volunteers to the positions they serve in and schedule them onto services.

Child, Adult & Volunteer Check-in

Elvanto has an inbuilt check-in system for churches, allowing you to safely and efficiently handle check-ins across multiple rooms and locations. Send parents an SMS message to get their attention during a service, view who is currently checked-in, and check them out at the end of a service.

Security is Key

Your security is important to us. From browser and data centre security to server security, we make sure you're covered. Elvanto has SSL certificates installed to ensure your data is kept safe on any computer, and we use hardened firewalls to keep the server safe.

Increased Privacy Protection

Our servers are located in Australia, the United States and also Europe to ensure your data remains close to home, fast to access and assists with international privacy law issues. For our EU clients we are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Mobile App

Users of iOS & Android devices can download our mobile apps from their app stores.

Multiple Language and Timezone Support

Our software is being translated into more languages everyday, and gives you the ability to see dates and times in your timezone.

Drag-and-Drop Email Editor

Easily create visually stunning emails and save all of your email templates in one place.

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