Running your worship services and managing your volunteers has never been easier

Worship Service Planning

Worship planning is easy with Elvanto. Quickly create a detailed service plan for your team that can be viewed online or printed depending on your needs.

Volunteer Management and Scheduling

Assign volunteers to the positions they serve in and schedule them onto services. You are automatically notified if a volunteer is unavailable or when a conflict occurs. Elvanto also has an auto-scheduling feature to automatically generate rosters in advance.

Record Service Attendance

Record the total number of people that attend your services, whether it be a simple headcount or recording each individual attendee.

Song Database with Lyrics and Chord Transposing

Create your very own songs database for the worship team, and add different arrangements and lyrics. Our system can even transpose chords into different keys and use the Nashville Numbering System. Upload files, MP3s and link to YouTube clips to make it easy for your team to learn new songs.

Volunteers Accept or Decline Roster Requests

When you send an SMS message or email notification to unconfirmed volunteers, it will give them the option to accept or decline being scheduled on. If they decline, members are asked to provide a reason, which is then sent to a designated leader along with a list of volunteers to replace the member.