Worship Planning & Volunteers

Worship Service Planning

Worship planning is easy with Elvanto. Quickly create a detailed service plan for your team that can be viewed online or printed depending on your needs.

Volunteer Scheduling

Assign volunteers to the positions they serve in and schedule them onto services. You are automatically notified if a volunteer is unavailable or when a conflict occurs.

Volunteer Swap & Replace

Volunteers can request others to either swap or replace with them for a particular service.

Volunteer Scheduling Preferences

Volunteers can set their preference on how often they are available to serve.

Record Service Attendance

Record the total number of people that attend your services, whether it be a simple headcount or recording each individual attendee.

Song Database

Create your very own songs database for the worship team, and add different arrangements.

Lyrics & Chords

Store lyrics and chords and transpose into different keys.

SongSelect Integration

Use the built-in SongSelect integration to import songs, lyrics and chord charts directly from SongSelect.

Chord Chart Transposing

Enter your chord charts and automatically transpose into any key you'd like.

Submit Unavailability

Volunteers can submit dates when they will be unavailable.

Volunteer Login

Volunteers can log into their own account to view their roster, submit unavailability and update their details.


Save time scheduling volunteers by using the auto-scheduling tool.

Team Management

Create teams of volunteers who regularly serve together.

Mobile Companion App

Mobile app for volunteers to accept, decline, swap, replace and view their upcoming schedule.

Upload Files & Media

Upload and share files and media with your team.

Automated Reminders

Automatically reminder volunteers of their upcoming scheduling and follow-up those who have not yet responded to their pending schedule.

SMS & Email

Communicate with volunteers via SMS or email, schedule future communication and use built-in templates.

Edit Multiple Services

Quickly manage multiple services side-by-side and easily drag and drop volunteers between them.

Service Templates

Create templates which allows you to predefine details of all your recurring services.

Built-in Reports

Generate reports on service, volunteers and songs.

Live Run Sheets

View a live feed of the current service plan/run sheet along with progress, countdowns, notes and live chat.

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