Get a list of all groups. The fields listed here will be returned when this method is called.



Name Type Description
page integer The results page to retrieve. Default: 1
page_size integer The number of records to retrieve per results page. Default: 1000
category_id string|array The ID of the category you'd like to include groups from. Can be a string or array of ID's.
suspended string Would you like to only retrieve suspended groups (yes) or not include them (no)? Defaults to all.
fields array Optional fields you would like to retrieve for each group. More information on group fields.
Expected request JSON HTTP POST
    "page": 1,
    "page_size": 100,
    "category_id": "8a631195-8914-4136-858c-f160885ab60d",
    "fields": [
Expected response JSON XML PHP
    "generated_in": "0.021",
    "status": "ok",
    "groups": {
        "on_this_page": 100,
        "page": 1,
        "per_page": 100,
        "total": 25,
        "group": [
                "id": "57beccc8-af4a-11e0-9b4e-f27fa4b6a61b",
                "date_added": "2021-07-16 01:24:25",
                "date_modified": "2021-08-08 16:27:25",
                "name": "Family Connect",
                "status": "Active",
                "description": "<p>A group to connect families together</p>",
                "logo": "",
                "meeting_address": "13 Westburn Ave",
                "meeting_city": "Westburn",
                "meeting_postcode": "4321",
                "meeting_country": "Australia",
                "meeting_day": "Monday",
                "meeting_time": "6:30 PM",
                "meeting_frequency": "Every 2 Weeks",
                "people": {
                    "person": [
                            "id": "ed9f8e3e-a3b5-11e1-bb45-541f9db7bc89",
                            "firstname": "Sandy",
                            "preferred_name": "Jonny",
                            "lastname": "Johnson",
                            "email": "",
                            "mobile": "999-999-999",
                            "phone": "888-888-888",
                            "picture": "",
                            "position": "Leader"
                            "id": "7675eed8-e90d-11e0-a4e0-1dee54d73a9e",
                            "firstname": "Robert",
                            "preferred_name": "Bob",
                            "lastname": "O'Donnell",
                            "email": "",
                            "mobile": "999-999-999",
                            "phone": "888-888-888",
                            "picture": "",
                            "postion": ""
Error responses

Please see our response status codes documentation for details of potential error responses for any API request.

  • 250: Invalid page number The page number you have provided is invalid.
  • 250: Invalid page size The page size must be between 10 and 1000.
  • 404: Invalid Category ID The Category ID you provided does not exist.
  • 404: No groups match your criteria The system could not find any groups based on your criteria.