Everything You Need to Administer Your Church

We have a range of tools to help your admin team be effective in their roles.

Administration is a key role and Elvanto provides your church with the right tools to help you stay connected with people and to help keep operations running smoothly. With Elvanto's tools, you can streamline many of your administrative processes to save time, keep things efficient so that no processes are left undone, or people are left behind.

Database Management

You can use manage your members and groups, print the reports you need; and that's just the beginning.

Form Builder

Create customized forms, embed on church website, sync members data, collect payment for events and trigger automated actions.

Access Control

Limit what information and features your users can see depending on their role in the church.

SMS & Email

Send both email and SMS to help keep everyone in the loop. Email is included with your Elvanto account or SMS via one of our SMS providers .


Manage your church calendar with multuple calendar support and embed on church website.

Event Management

Create events, share or embed on church website, book rooms, equipment and collect payment and registration.

Store Unlimited People Data

Store people and create custom fields to record any information you need.

People Groups

Group people together, set-up meeting times and send automated reminders to leaders to report on attendance.

Service Planning

Plan out services, schedule volunteers and report on attendance.

Child Check-in

Check adults, youth, children and volunteers into services.

People Flows

Set up and track the different processes that occur in your church in a systematic and step-by-step flow.

Community & Volunteer Login

Allow your community members and volunteers to access information you share in their own login credentials.

Custom People Reports

Create quality custom reports that can be shared with your administration team and leaders.

Built-in Reports

Generate reports on people, groups, services, financial and attendance.

Share & Export Reports

Set up permissions to share your reports, and export into a wide range of formats.

Files & Folders

Store important files and share with members, teams and leaders.


Communicate with your website visitors, categorize and tag posts and create relevent content for your church members.

Dashboard Widgets

Customize your individual dashboard and see key information related to your role.

Customize Layouts

Add your church logo and colors to make your account your own!

Multiple Locations Support

Manage multiple congregations from a single account.

Account Settings

Configure settings to suit your church's Elvanto account.

Drag-and-Drop Email Editor

Easily create visually stunning emails and save all of your email templates in one place.

Start managing your church with Elvanto today!

Experience an all-inclusive, cloud-based church management solution.