Creates a key attached to a specified arrangement.



Name Type Description
arrangement_id Required string The UUID of the arrangement to attach the new Key to.
name Required string The name of the new Key
key_starting Required string The starting (main) key to be used for this Key.
key_ending string The ending key of this key, if a key change occurs during the arrangement
keys_alternate array Array of Alternate (capo) key object. Each object must contain both a key_starting attribute and a name attribute
Expected request JSON HTTP POST
    "arrangement_id": "892df8ad-7293-44fd-8eb6-b7694d693f6d",
    "name": "F - Modern Take",
    "key_starting": "F",
    "keys_alternate": [
            "key_starting": "G",
            "name": "Bass Guitar"
Expected response JSON XML PHP
    "generated_in": 0.05,
    "status": "ok",
    "key": {
        "id": "cb90719c-b10f-412b-88f1-e035de01229e"
Error responses

Please see our response status codes documentation for details of potential error responses for any API request.

  • 250: No Arrangement ID provided You need to specify the ID of the arrangement.
  • 250: The "key_starting" parameter is required The key, or a capo key, is missing the key_starting parameter
  • 250: The "key_starting" parameter must be a valid key A key_starting value provided is invalid