Find person based on their ID. The fields listed here will be returned when this method is called.



Name Type Description
id Required string The ID of the person.
fields array Optional fields you would like to retrieve for the person. More information on people fields.
Expected request JSON HTTP POST
    "id": "b0b0d8d2-48dc-426e-aaba-774936274c99",
    "fields": [
Expected response JSON XML PHP
    "generated_in": "0.018",
    "status": "ok",
    "person": [
            "id": "b0b0d8d2-48dc-426e-aaba-774936274c99",
            "date_added": "2021-02-24 11:56:22",
            "date_modified": "2021-08-27 16:17:57",
            "category_id": "8a631195-8914-4136-858c-f160885ab60d",
            "firstname": "John",
            "preferred_name": "Jonny",
            "middle_name": "Abraham",
            "lastname": "Smith",
            "email": "",
            "phone": "999-999-999",
            "mobile": "888-888-888",
            "admin": 0,
            "archived": 0,
            "contact": 0,
            "volunteer": 1,
            "status": "Active",
            "username": "john.smith",
            "last_login": "2021-08-28 12:32:22",
            "country": "United Kingdom",
            "timezone": "Europe/London",
            "picture": "",
            "family_id": 10,
            "family_relationship": "Primary Contact",
            "birthday": "1989-04-23",
            "gender": "Male",
            "locations": {
                "location": [
                        "id": "8a631195-8914-4136-858c-f160885ab60d",
                        "name": "Central Campus"
                        "id": "9f3aec97-3d61-471d-ab50-5f28070d970d",
                        "name": "North Campus"
            "custom_77493627-aaba-426e-48dc-b0b0d8d24c99": "Gardner"
Error responses

Please see our response status codes documentation for details of potential error responses for any API request.

  • 401: No Person ID provided You need to specify the ID of the person.
  • 404: Invalid Person ID The ID you provided does not exist.