Creates Songs in users account.



Name Type Description
title Required text The name of the song to create
arrangements Required array At least one Arrangment object to associate with the song. Each arrangement must have a name parameter specified. You can optionally choose to create Keys associated with the arrangment using the keys parameter as well. Keys must have a name and key_starting parameter set as well. Further options for Arrangements and Keys can be found in the Arrangement Creation and Key Creation pages, although no Song or Arrangement ID is required to be sent through in this call.
status integer Whether the song is Published or Archived. 0 for published. 1 for archived. Defaults to published.
number integer CCLI Number for the song.
item integer Whether the song is considered a "Song" or an "Item" - 0 for "Song" (Default) and 1 for "Item"
learn integer Whether the song is marked as a "To Learn" song for musicians or not. 1 to indicate it is "To Learn" - Defaults to 0
allow_downloads integer Whether the song's audio files can be downloaded or not. 1 to indicate audio files can be downloaded - Defaults to 0
Expected request JSON HTTP POST
    "title": "10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)",
    "arrangements": [
            "name": "Standard",
            "keys": [
                    "name": "C (Standard)",
                    "key_starting": "C"
                    "name": "F (Alt 1)",
                    "key_starting": "F"
                    "name": "G (Alt 1)",
                    "key_starting": "G"
            "copyright": "2011 Said And Done Music (Admin. by Crossroad Distributors Pty. Ltd.)",
            "sequence": [
                "Chorus 1",
                "Verse 1",
                "Verse 2",
                "Verse 3",
                "Misc 1"
            "minutes": 2,
            "seconds": 17,
            "bpm": 72.5,
            "chord_chart_key": "C",
            "chord_chart": "ChordPro Formatted\\nChord Chart"
    "learn": 1,
    "allow_downloads": 1,
    "number": "6016351",
    "item": 0
Expected response JSON XML PHP
    "generated_in": "0.021",
    "status": "ok",
    "song": {
        "id": "e453b1a7-f681-48e8-97b6-e3a6c2b6a8c6",
        "arrangements": [
                "id": "0b19c2ec-f1db-4ebb-bf3c-429d36af12e9"
Error responses

Please see our response status codes documentation for details of potential error responses for any API request.